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  1. I promise i’ll be back soon!

  2. Anonymous asked: where did you go ;-;

    busy :(

  3. EXO, Chanyeol

    Taken from KBS Hello

  4. kpopmalefeet asked: Hey , how are you ? just saw your post about Chen's feet. If you want to see him barefeet, here's some pictures from my tumblr post/32794163929 and post/32794244565

    Thanks. Good to see other kpop feet blogs around haha. I hope EXO get a variety show soon so we can see them in their dorms and hopefully get shots of their feet!

  5. OMG is that Chen without his shoes on?

    "Chen spoke a lot today and he said that his feet is really small but that is a charm, he said he has beautiful legs. Fans asked him to let them see so he pretended to remove his shoes but didn’t reveal it in the end." –

    Above quote taken, from a fan account, from Chen’s Birthday Celebrations.

  6. Super Junior, Siwon

    Super Junior, Siwon

  7. Kim Hyun Joong

    Taken from Bare Foot Friends